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Champagne Tsarine Brut rosé

Champagne Tsarine Brut rosé

38,00 €Preis

The ruby pink aspect of this cuvée is striking due to its great depth and exquisite brightness.

A delicate effervescence of generous, lively bubbles transports this gourmet cuvée to new heights with merry enthusiasm.

Aromas and flavours combine in an aromatic whirlwind of red fruits, including notes of strawberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant. This elaborate balance gives the cuvée power and structure

The finish is long, tart and remarkably fresh. All senses are aroused.

  • The Blend

    Chardonnay 34%
    Meunier 33%
    Pinot Noir 33%

    Dosage 8g/l

    Minimum cellar ageing 24 months

    Drinking temperature between 8°C and 10°C

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